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Classic Tone Guitars

  • Classic Tone Guitars Classic Tone Guitars Classic Tone Guitars
  • A Wordpress site is the perfect choice for a busy music shop, keeping the site current by keeping it "hands-on".

    Classic Tone Guitars is owned and run by an extremely talented guitar aficionado that would expect no less for a website selling his rare and custom guitars on-line. The challenge in this case was the budget available to create an effective and attractive on-line store. Fortunately the owner of this business is an artist in more ways than one and was able to provide a majority of the graphic design work here, so we partnered efforts to create this masterpiece. This site is built in Wordpress with a moderately customized theme that includes a robust on-line Woocommerce shopping cart system. Just what is needed for selling items all over the world! We are proud to represent this great company.