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Park Properties Management Co.

  • Park Properties Management Co. Park Properties Management Co. Park Properties Management Co.
  • One website that does many jobs: this photo-centric, multi-site design includes streamlined organization and custom interactive features.

    Park Properties Management Company needed a site that tied their commercial and residential developments together seamlessly while still keeping a distinct central focus. This mobile responsive website includes the integration of excellent photography into a design that allows viewers to focus on the heart of the Park Properties business: creating and maintaining properties that are exceptional. Custom interactive features and creative maps showing the location of properties help to round out this user-friendly site.

    This site is actually a set of three sites, each with their own unique domain names to address specific marketing needs and to obtain better search engine attention. Yet the design and navigation between all three sites is totally seamless so that visitors are not affected by the strategies implemented behind the scenes.

    Park Properties is closely tied to Pinnacle Construction & Development Corporation and manages numerous properties for which we have built 10 websites.