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Big Sky Apartments

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  • A modern, feature-filled update to the original site also designed by Web Weaving.

    We created the original Big Sky web site many years ago. While it had adapted well and grown with the community's needs, it was time to update the styles and the features of the site. The new site was created in Wordpress, allowing the community managers to make updates easily so that the information on the site can be as current as possible. Several of the useful features of the old site were included and updated to make the site useful to a larger number of residents, and we also enhanced sections that describe amenities and floor plans to make them more useful. Furthermore the new design keeps in mind the fact that modern web viewers often use their phones to browse sites, accommodating these users with phone-friendly and easy to use mobile features. Viewers can plan and examine floor plans, apply for a new apartment, pay rent, and use local information to plan events and find important resources.