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Ruckersville Gallery

  • Ruckersville Gallery Ruckersville Gallery Ruckersville Gallery
  • A logo and website that changes the way people see the antique industry.

    Ruckersville Gallery is not your typical group of antique dealers. Their pieces have a distinctly modern feel and possess character that is unmistakable. They were looking for a logo that was striking and bold but not in the least bit stuffy. A thoughtfully crafted blend of modern and monochromatic style gave this logo the modern edge.

    Web Weaving then used the logo as part of a uniquely branded Wordpress website that could be updated by the Gallery staff to insure that viewers can see what is currently in the Gallery. This very active site is a direct result of the passion that the Gallery devotes to their collections. Over the past few years we have upgraded and optimized various areas of the website including a user-friendly dealer page that is simple for in-house staff can maintain.