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Rose Hauling

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  • An informative site for a great local landscaping supply company.

    We are proud to represent this family-owned and operated business in Orange, Va. They needed to spread the word about the many products they offer to ensure that those located in surrounding counties know about a great alternative option to purchase landscaping supplies from with a superb selection. Just as important was the need to show the many applications and beautiful results from using their products.

    So this Wordpress website was created with an emphasis of plenty of lifestyle photography to show the end result of their products. We also set up detailed sections to display all of their product types, set up large views for all products, and even created an easy-to-maintain interface for the staff so that they could control all of this on their own.

    We are also delighted to be leading a promotional campaign including SEO, reputation management, social media consulting, link referrals, and other tactics to ensure we spread as much awareness as they hope to spread mulch!