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Bellaire at Devonshire

  • Bellaire at Devonshire Bellaire at Devonshire Bellaire at Devonshire
  • Designed for ease of use and accessibility to seniors, this Wordpress website is clean, simple, and mobile device friendly.

    Wordpress offers many advantages for a website representing a residential community, including great options for photo galleries, news posting, and plug-ins that power a variety of useful features. Bellaire at Devonshire needed a site that could stay in touch with its community on a daily basis and be updated with minimum difficulty.

    Web Weaving created this easily-maintained Wordpress site based on design specifications from SB Marketing and trained staff to use it. The site is also mobile-friendly so that it appears clearly and beautifully on all devices, from phones to tablets, extending its reach to a wide audience. Convenience, attention to detail, and excellent design are the hallmarks of the Bellaire website.